Audio Podcast Redesign

News Corp Australia


Activities & Artefacts
Stakeholder management, Discovery workshops, Sketches, Wireframes, Usability testing and Recommendations

The Goal

The current web-based listening experience on the NewsCorp network of podcasts has slowly declined and needs improvement. While listener numbers were increasing the platform needed an overhaul to help continue the increase of podcast subscribers, promote consumption of related content from across our network and streamline the audio customer journey.

The Process

First, we start with the problem.

Discovery workshops were held with the major stakeholders from across the wider business. Podcasts is a core project here at News so a diverse team was needed.

These series of workshops helped define the goals of the project, measures of success and known business problems we needed to solve to achieve these goals.

Everything was recorded in Miro during live, remote workshop sessions.

This live, evolving document served as the ‘source of truth’ throughout the project, and grew organically as the project activities progressed.

The Activities

Over the next few weeks, the following activities were conducted:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Customer experience mapping
  • User flow development
  • Sketching workshops
  • Prioritising workshops
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Research Synthesis and analysis

Some artefacts can be seen below:

The Learnings

After two rounds of research a new mobile-first design pattern was discovered that matched both the business requirements and real user needs.

I worked closely with a senior designer to translate my high fidelity wireframes and recommendations into proven templates based on our design system.

These new designs were frequently checked for technical feasibility with the development teams working on podcast development and once approved put in the pipeline to be built at a future date.

The Wins

Overall, this project was a great opportunity to give the podcast platform some fresh user insights and solid recommendations to enable this product to become the “best-in-class” listener experience.

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